Cold Brew Can – 6 Pack



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  • Balanced, ultra smooth, rich
  • Includes 6 - 12oz cold brew cans
  • Keep Refrigerated

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Discover our exquisite Cold Brew Can – 6 Pack.


Finally our world famous cold brew in a ready to drink format. Our Cold Brew is made with Colombian and Brazilian beans, brewed with NYC filtered water for 24 hours, extracted with the most advanced methods, and canned for your convenience. We turn up the sweetness and turn down the acidity with our signature process. Infused with nitrogen for a satiny thickness and velvety texture. You’ve got to keep it refrigerated when you get it as we choose not to pasteurize our cold brew (kinda defeats the whole purpose of “Cold Brewing” am I right??). Throw it over ice, put some milk or non-dairy creamer in there go nuts, enjoy it, buy more.

Cold brew is up to 60% less acidic than typical, hot-brewed coffee. This happens because coffee grounds, or more specifically the various oils, acids, and other aromatic molecules, are most easily extracted at about 195-205 degrees. When you create coffee at room temperature, less acid forms, which is what typically gives hot coffee its signature bite. Though, cold brew doesn’t merely taste like hot brew without the bitterness. Cold brew contains a completely different flavor profile that can’t be found with hot brews. Why? Not all flavor compounds of coffee solubles are equally soluble. A majority of the coffee solubles are still able to leach out of the grounds, even in colder water. The compounds that don’t dissolve are the ones often attributed to unfavorable flavors (these stay in the grounds that are subsequently tossed away). Consequently, cold brew takes on a much sweeter, floral profile.

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