The freshest roasted-to-order coffee, delivered straight to your door


Fresh coffee tastes better. We offer the freshest coffee for Keurig and Nespresso machines. Why? Because you deserve it. Coffee pods in most stores were made months ago and are frequently stale. We roast right before shipping, so that you get the freshest single-serve coffee in the world.


We are a boutique New York roaster. We have served millions of cups of great coffee, and named our roasts after our favorite landmarks and neighborhoods. We have won a number of awards, but at the end, none of it matters. The only thing we care about is whether you like it.


  • 1. Select

    We select the best beans from small lot farms

  • 2. Roast

    We roast your coffee when you order

  • 3. Pack

    We pack and deliver the freshest pods in the world


One cold New York morning, Gene realized to his wife’s horror that they were out of Nespresso pods. Without a Nespresso boutique nearby and unwilling to leave his wife uncaffeinated, Gene cut the lid off a used Nespresso pod, filled it with freshly ground premium coffee beans from his favorite coffee roaster, and sealed it with aluminum foil. The result was extraordinary: beautiful aromatic shot, more delicious than the original. Why doesn't anyone produce fresh pods to improve the taste? HiLine was created to answer that question.

The Team

HiLine Coffee is made in New York, and we are committed to producing the freshest coffee pods in environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging. Read more about how HiLine Coffee is Giving Back.

Joseph Ferrara | CEO

Coffee is in Joe’s blood. Born into a family of coffee roasters, it was only natural for Joe to lead HiLine. A true jack of all trades, Joe will happily hop on the roaster to develop our newest blend. His favorite blend is Wall St, has visited 6 coffee growing countries, and has an inimitable drive for perfection from our coffees to our customer service.

Tom Pittlik | CTO

Tom is an enthusiastic member of the Australian coffee diaspora, frequenting cafes around his home in the East Village. A computing enthusiast, Tom has built a social network for gamers with over 300,000 members.

Andrew Hetzel SCAA HiLine Coffee

Andrew Hetzel | Advisor

Andrew is a restless traveler, spending 200+ days on the road each year working with coffee growers and roasters on six continents. Life long coffee aficionado, Andrew is a Coffee Quality Institute instructor, juror at Cup of Excellence competitions and board member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.


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